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you say I'm crazy, I'll give you crazy

Darchangel Skye
30 December 1984
80's nostalgia, a chorus line, acting, adam lambert, alisan porter, amazing technicolor dreamcoat, american idol, animal welfare, animation/anime, anoop desai, anthro, anti-psychiatry, bartending, being a bitch, being not-goth (ifyou'regoingtolabelgetitright), being passive-agressive, being subversive, being welsh, bisexuality, bloom county, brad bell, brett loewenstern, burlesque, california diaries, calvin and hobbes, canadian idol, casey james, casey thrasher, cecil terwilliger, christina aguilera, christopher pike, chuck palahniuk, clark beckham, colton dixon, comics/manga, constantine maroulis, cooking, cutting, david cook, deandre brackensick, deconstruction, discworld, dominic monaghan, drama (the internet kind), drew wright, drinking, earl stevenson, elton john, elvis presley, eminem, fall and divide, fall out boy, family guy, fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, flashdance, futanari, futurama, gary morissette, george romero zombie movies, glamour cakes, gorillaz, green day, grumpy cat, guerrilla art, having a martyr complex, heath ledger, homestar runner, james durbin, jewelry, johnny cash, jorge nunez, justin timberlake, karaoke, klutz paper fashions, lady gaga, lance bass, law & order: svu, lazaro arbos, lee dewyze, looney tunes, love, makeup, marilyn monroe, maroon 5, mash-ups, master cleanse, matt giraud, messing with people's minds, michael jackson, missing: since january/evidence, mohanza kelly, monogamy, monty python, mookie morris, my little pony, mystery science theater 3000, nick fradiani, old-school lemmings, painkillers, panic at the disco, paul mcdonald, pc gaming, peanuts, polyvore, pro-mia, prowomanprolife.org, rain, rent, revenge, robot chicken, rock of ages, rocky horror picture show, ronnie blake, roses, sarcasm, saw, scott macintyre, scotty mccreery, sex, shopping, slash, sleepy hollow, snarking, south park, stefano langone, stephen king, subreality, suicide girls, supernatural, swollen members, thatguywiththeglasses.com, the beatles, the crow, the illuminati, the muppets, the simpsons, the voice, the warriors, theater, tommy joe ratliff, unknown culprits, vendettas, watchmen, welcome to night vale, west side story, yaoi, yu-gi-oh