ACL: everything is beautiful


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ACL: everything is beautiful

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combat estrangement insomnia eating disorders invisibility
theft hiding an injury / illness taking care of somebody humiliation unconsciousness
arena disappearing WILD CARD telepathic trauma bodyguards
forced soulbonding atonement poisoning tyranny / rebellion cages
side effects hostages major illness loss of identity hunger / starvation
ACL: everything is beautiful

lambliffbigbang art: "Home Is Where The Heart Is" by jamie2109

Did you ever wonder what the 'real' story was between Adam and Tommy? Ever read an autobiography and said 'I knew it!' about a rock star or movie star? We pick up Adam and Tommy's story twenty years after Idol and Adam's public image is riding high. He's popular and successful and still the same happy dork. Tommy still plays in his band, writes music with him and is a close friend. The theories about them being together have faded over time, although they are frequently seen in each other's company. It's rare that one is mentioned in the press without the other these days and their partnership appears to be one of the most solid in the industry. There are still those that think they were together or they should be but as neither of them have ever confirmed or denied anything, their questions remain unanswered.

In a celebration of Adam's twenty year career since Idol, one lucky reporter is chosen to do a series of interviews where she finds out more than she bargained for. Over the course of the interviews, she hears their story, the ups and downs the doubts and misunderstandings and happily for them (and us) their happy ending.

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ACL: everything is beautiful

tjrbigbang art: "Like A Moth To A Flame" by valress

Pairing: Always A Girl!Tommy/ Pete Wentz
Word Count: 6K+
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings/Enticements: Het sex, Rule 63, mild domestic violence. No warnings for art.
Summary: Tommi Jo has been in the music scene since she was 16, a huge break for her band Monday Mourning, a nasty split with a controlling boyfriend and a new found friend in Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, this summer is set to be fun, right?

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cockbertbigbang- Wanna Tell Me About It? by pensnest

Summary: AU in which Adam is an aspiring actor who has a singing gig on the side, and Lance is a TV producer (so, not actually that far AU) who used to be one of the stars of a teens TV show called Synchronicity. Adam, as it happened, had a crush on him as a teen, but his first actual encounter with Lance does not go very well. After a couple of unpromising starts, they end up working together, but life in television is fairly frantic, and there are good reasons why it's a bad plan for them to start dating.

TY to pensnest for not only penning this piece, but also for not minding my brief roadblock when illness effed with my reading comprehension XD Since popslash was my first fandom wayyyyy back in the day and Lance was my favorite, this fic was mucho fun to work with :)

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ACL: everything is beautiful

lambliffbigbang art - Something Deeper by heartsdesire456

When an accident on stage leaves Tommy suffering from retrograde amnesia, he wakes up with no memory of the last two years of his life. He has no memory of being on tour, no memory of being famous, doesn't know any of his bandmates...and has no memory of being engaged to marry Adam on Halloween. With no guarantee of his memory returning, Tommy returns to his life as normal with hopes that going about his normal routines, as guided by Adam, will help him regain his memory. Adam, though upset by Tommy's memory loss, is just happy that Tommy is alive.
With the wedding date looming ever closer, will Tommy's memory return before Adam gives up and cancels the wedding, or will every moment they've shared together be lost forever?

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illustrations (very minor spoiler?)
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I give up. I completely utterly give the fuck up.

Fine, I get it. I am the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe. Worse than Hitler. Worse than Bin Laden. Worse than poverty. Worse than AIDS. Me. I am a stupid, self-centered, disgusting, manipulative piece of shit with the emotional capacity of a used toilet paper roll and do not deserve to live in any way whatsofuckingever. Every word that comes out of my mouth or thought that comes out of my brain is wrong, even if 50% of other people in the vicinity have the same idea, solely because it comes from me. I am THAT worthless. If I were to disappear it would not be cause for mourning, because nothing of value would be lost. I've made no difference by being born in the first place, unless you count making people physically ill just by sight or name. I should not even bother because nobody cares and they never will, and I do not deserve caring.